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crafter guitars

If you love acoustic music and haven't played a CRAFTER yet, you need to stop by and try one out.

Building guitars since 1972, the CRAFTER Company today is a blend of modern production and hands on traditional guitar making.

You will see the workmanship when you examine, hold and play a CRAFTER .

CRAFTER'S eye for detail is evident, using all quality tone woods which provide the CRAFTERS with their clear ringing tone.

Quality at an affordable price, make a CRAFTER a guitar for life.

reverend guitars

REVEREND, a newer name in the electric guitar world, but it is a name worth remembering.

Designed by award winning luthier Joe Naylor, who gave us a guitar that isn't like any other guitar on the market.

REVERENDS feature Korina wood, which is the same wood used by Gibson in the 1950's for their legendary Explorers and Flying V guitars.

    reverend electric      

Offered in the set neck and bolt on neck models, with all REVEREND guitars featuring custom REVEREND pickups and their bass contour control.

Joe's designs have brought REVEREND several NAMM awards and editor picks from Guitar Player Magazine.

A guitar that looks good, plays good, sounds good and you can afford, that's a REVEREND. Stop by and play one today.


Morgan Monroe is a company committed to acoustic music. No matter what style music you play Morgan Monroe has a guitar, banjo, mandolin or resonator for you.

Combining quality materials with detailed workmanship is Morgan Monroe's goal to provide the players with instruments they enjoy and can afford.

From Morgan Monroe's Creedside, Vintage Voiced, Cedar Hill and Koa series collections, there is a guitar that will compliment your style. Bluegrass and Morgan Monroe are often spoken in the same sentence.

With 2 resonators, 16 mandolins and 8 banjos, you will surely be able to find the instrument that suits you. Stop by and try a Morgan Monroe today.



One look at Blueridge guitars will tell you that the craftsmanship, style and quality of the Golden Era are still alive and plainly evident in every guitar they make.

The intricate pearl inlays, the careful workmanship and professional tone quality of each Blueridge ensure these fine guitars will be the collectors items of the future, as sure as they are the benchmarks of quality and affordability today.

Stop in today to see our selection



We have a nice selection of Violins, Stop in and see us